Comments from an initial challenged person

You may not have all the vegetables you were planning on, but you have the photos for a storybook about the lack of trustworthiness among certain neighbors.  They are unique looking thieves.

Just Yellow-crowned around here.  I have seen a Black-crowned at 8pm, not ideal camera light, a couple times when I lived in Gulfport in 2010.

I have heard Kapok is great.

What is a C. Wren and TTM?  ABA ticks?  

SWFWMD?  WWP?  I’m just curious.  

Well, I don’t have phones with doctoral degrees, myself.  How do you get those alerts?  

I thought I should get involved with eBird since no one probably bothers with dinky places, but sometimes it is interesting here.  But, it sounds like a time consuming daily commitment and I have difficulty counting pigeons and crows and starlings on power lines.  I am never certain if that’s a Mallard who flew det the eown from a state where wild Mallards exist, a Mottled Duck or a Florida Hybrid Mallard.  That takes a lot of patience to count Mallards in this area.  

How do I get the eBird ALERTS?  I have email!  Also, there is some sort of listserv that tells which birds have been sighted in certain areas.  Jo?  DaLo?



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