For ‘initial challenged person’….

ABA = American Birding Association

C. Wren = Carolina Wren

TTM = Tufted Titmouse

SWFWMD = Southwest Florida Water Management District

WWP = Weeki Wachee Preserve

SLB = Shel… well, you know who you are!  🙂

As for eBird Alerts.  That’s a simple case of going to “My eBird” then clicking on “manage my alerts”.  I do quite extensive eBird sessions (1-4 hours daily) and I usually spend about 4 minutes entering the data at the end of the day, so it isn’t really time consuming at all.  The time consuming bit is doing the birding session in the first place, but then that’s my hobby, so I just do as much as I want to.

You don’t have to enter ANY value into the quantity box (just put “X”) but “1” is better (if it was 1) or “7” or “300”, so the AKN (Avian Knowledge Network database) can show more useful trends.

You also don’t HAVE to show EVERY species you see (or hear) and can tick “No” to the question “Are you recording EVERY species you were able to observe and identify?”  In other words, you can just report “highlights”.  Of course this isn’t as helpful as being thorough, but it’s far better than not reporting anything because you don’t have time to be thorough!  So just reporting “1 Belted Kingfisher” is a vast improvement on what most people are (not) going to report today.  I mean, if everyone in the USA reported just ONE individual bird today, that would be an extra 300 million ‘hits’ for October 7th!

OK, this page has crashed 5 times in the last 10 minutes, so I’m going to power down my pc…


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