I get by with a little help from my friends….

Thanks, DaLo, for the info about ABA ticks on eBird…..I never thought to do some research on that site, as I basically just do my reports, edit if necessary and once in a while, I’ll check to see the list of birds that I’ve seen.  I’ll do as you’ve suggested to find out more information.  I’m sure SLB also appreciated the list you made for her….the only one I wasn’t sure of was SWFWMD.  As for getting alerts, I don’t have a phone with a PHD either, although I may get one when we get back to the US….I feel so left out!…..I tried to log in on my iPad, before realizing it was an Etch-A-Sketch and I don’t own an iPad……anyway, I do get daily reports from Brdbrain listserv members of what birds are seen in Florida and where exactly they’ve been seen, often giving a detailed report and sometimes including a map….these reports are what make me wish I was in FL now, as there are still many migrants passing through.  All we have here are the same old, same old and it’s unlikely there will be any new birds in the yard.

I thought it was quite amusing to see the Sandhill Crane behind bars in your first picture, DaLo…you should have posted that one last…..how did you manage to confine it behind bars after it stole your butternut squash?   I can’t imagine feeding those Cranes by hand, as they really pounce down with those large beaks.  As far as food for them, I just bought the cheapest seed for them and the BBWDs, after noticing that the Cranes just ate the millet.  Sunflower seed on the ground is just an open invitation to all the squirrels in the neighborhood that there’s easy pickings.  I use a squirrel-proof feeder to feed the other birds that come to my yard there, although that’s usually just House Finches, much to my disappointment. If you want to join that listserv, SLB, here’s the link….by the way, it’s also managed by Ron Smith…in fact he may be one of the people who created it…..


There have been reports recently from the Brdbrain listserv members about Rufous Hummingbirds showing up in their yards, so it may be a good idea to leave your feeder up, although if you have flowers in your yard, they attract them, too.

More later…..Jo


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