Please understand, I’m not beachin’ about my day (and you wonder why this site is private)

DaLo, Jo, and BJ,

Thanks for all the info – I will check it all out.  Why should BJ feel left out day after day after day?  Thanks for all the initials, DaLo.  Went to the beach today with the intent of meeting someone I had never met before, a fellow birder.  (App Girl)  We’ll call her the AG I don’t believe Jo could ever be totally reliant on apps. It didn’t work out.  It was just a personality thing, nothing specific.  OK, that happens, but I set up the meeting at the beach because, no matter what, it would be a winning situation.  I like to go to the beach and see which birds are there, especially now.  I like to photograph them, especially as they return and as their numbers fluctuate so much.  I saw Ruddy for the first time this season, a couple to a few shorebirds but my vision wasn’t good enough or fast enough  for me to make guesses, a couple Skimmers, Great Blues, Willets, Laughers, about a dozen and a half Sandwich Terns and that single Forster’s Tern.  I have always seen Forster’s with other shorebirds, always in the thick of other Terns and Skimmers, but only one at a time.  Same is true of the Caspian which I expect sometime.  Too lazy to look up my photo collection dates.  Here’s the punchline.  The memory card was forgotten.  I glanced over at the USB and didn’t see it, so thought I was good to go.  It was in the computer.  

Jo, I know how you feel about the “same old, same old.”   Today was supposed to reach 90 degrees.  It was hot, I was outdoors longer than I intended, and I don’t know how high the temp got.  The humidity was lower than in the summer.  -SLB


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