Some guys and gals, too, have all the luck….

Wow!  DaLo, you really did have a zipadedodah day!  I always read reports on how difficult it is to ID flycatchers, so I hope you are able to do that with just a picture as everyone says you need to hear them.  Well, I don’t bird by ear, so it wouldn’t matter to me.. How lucky for you, though, to see a Vermillion Flycatcher, which is not difficult at all to ID!  I’ve seen them on trips to Arizona and managed to get one fairly decent picture, so I know how difficult they are to photograph.  

SLB:  Sorry things didn’t work out for you with your App Girl….and, you’re right, I would never bird using Apps if I ever did get a scholarly phone….besides, as it is,  I carry enough gear in the field while birding.  I know what it’s like, too, to forget something important, as I forgot to bring the battery charger for my point-and-shoot camera on our trip to Newfoundland.  As a result, once both batteries died, the camera was unusable so I missed taking videos of some beautiful places we visited.  When I buy a new p/s camera, I’ll buy an extra battery charger to leave in the motor home.  I always carry extra compact flash cards for my camera in a little pouch that’s hooked to my camera strap, along with an extra battery for the camera….and I wonder how my arm gets tired while birding all day after carrying the camera, lens and battery….maybe four or five pounds of weight.

Okay, BJ has just jumped up on my lap and it’s difficult for me to type…plus, he’s gently patting me on the face, which usually means he wants to eat….so, more later…Jo


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