About that Flycatcher…..and Redstart

DaLo….what a beautiful picture of the Flycatcher…..could it be a Yellow-bellied?  I tried comparing your picture with some on the All About Birds website and yours looks very similar to the Yellow-bellied…..have a look at the pictures, especially No. 2…..and let me know what you think….. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Yellow-bellied_Flycatcher/id

I think the Redstart is a female…..she doesn’t have any red.  I took a picture of a pair of them at one the places where we camped in Newfoundland.   I recognized the male, and when I checked online, found out that the other one was a female….too bad the picture was a lousy one.

And that reminds me to get more processing done…..later…..Jo


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