Flycatcher (I so want to type “in the Rye”) and Redstart.







I also had a couple or three other LBJs (or LYJs to be exact) but I couldn’t ID them.  I went to WWP later and the weather was very ‘moody’ – I thought a tornado was going to come down from the clouds, but it all fizzled.  The birds seemed very spooked and they were (seemingly) all grouping together and bracing for the elements.  For example, a funnel of 100 Black Vultures suddenly started circling round together (I rarely see more than 9) and the heronry (and nearby sky) was positively stuffed with Great Egrets (I counted 102) but to be honest, I stopped counting at triple digits.  Again, seeing a dozen is good going (though I’m sure many more are hiding in the reeds).


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