HBs & FCs

Jo:  Yes, I looked long and hard at the picture(s) and Sibley’s for a definitive FC ID.  What isn’t seen very well in this picture is the very white throat.  Sibley’s mentions “usually yellowish throat” and the range shows “rare” for the S/E.  It shows “uncommon” for the YbFC but “common” for (say) the Acadian FC.  That one has a white throat and Sibley’s mentions “often yellow-tinged”.  But who knows?  They all look the same to me and it made no sound.  I’m just pleased it sat still and let me get close enough for some higher quality shots!  🙂

As “promised” (though I’m sure you don’t especially care) I dug up some HB reports on eBird (my sightings) for the two main places I see (saw) HBs.  Namely, at home and the NCBG.  I slapped them all together in a picture so I/we could see when (and how many) sightings of the HBs there were.  There were more (months) than I thought.  The top is 2010 (my first) then 2011, then 2012 at the bottom.  I’m sure there’s a better way to pull out data from eBird, but this wasn’t worth much more effort really.



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