DaLo’s Vermilion Flycatcher has set the birdworld afflutter!

DaLo:  Your sighting and photo of the Vermilion Flycatcher that was posted to the Brdbrain listserv today has caused a flurry of emails all day today….there were several emails from members, with one member who actually questioned whether it was a Vermillion and that prompted more email from others who know better. It is an extremely rare visitor, but as one member stated, birds do have wings and are therefore able to go where they want, and there may be up to six scattered around the state each winter….well that only proves are lucky you were to see one.  The woman who does the official posting of the sighting, included directions on how to get to WWP and the place where you saw the bird….alas, though, it has not been seen again, but I expect there will be lots of birders at WWP looking for it this week.

Nice going, DaLo!


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