The Vermilion Flycatcher is big news

DaLo, this morning I am Totally Confused.  Are you taking credit for Darcy’s incredible find?  I know how much you Love the attention and better a Vermilion Flycatcher find instead of infamy as the reason for your “fifteen minutes of fame,” as old Andy said.  (OT – Warhol’s work is in some of the world’s finest museums.  There is an entire museum devoted to his original art in “The Burg,” yet more people have probably heard his quote than have seen his original art.  I have, actually.)  Since no one else has been able to find the VF so far, having excellent photo documentation is the best example of why those of us with cameras might sometimes have a slight edge over the binoc-ers, rhymes with buh-lockers.  BTW, try what the “S” stands for one more time.  Hint – a stretch would be best.    -SLB


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