Hey, Jenn, DaLo, Jo and tally, ho, here we go

Hi, Jen, Enjoyed that precious Cardinal and the close-ups of the Palmies.  They came late last year and refused to come near here.  The year before, when I crossed the street, I almost tripped over them.  I do enjoy them.  I hope the job search comes to fruition, that you have good birding and continue to join us.

DaLo, your numbers are great.  took my 2012 county-tally to 179 species!  Unbelievable!  🙂  81 FL species in the last 10 days!  How many hours does this incredible achievement take?

Today was the first day I tried counting what I saw.  It was fun, but I don’t know if I want to do it all the time I am out walking.  Don’t always have this much time and the species seem to have a sameness, until one leaves or the numbers drop, others come or the numbers increase and then suddenly it’s more fun, again.  Seriously, I do understand the purpose of eBird and the importance of which birds are where when and how that relates to our environment.  And our enjoyment of our hobby. 

I walked around the neighborhood in the morning, to a park next to the Bay, to a small park across from the park next to the Bay, to a run-off temporary pond next to a gas station, to a small retention pond across from the place where I keep my clothes.  I found eighteen species.  In the evening, I went to the Marina on the Bay.  I saw five species there.  Total of twenty three for the day.  None of these species are any different than what I have seen throughout this month.  As the weather cools, but this could take a month or two, more species will be seen regularly at the Marina and some irregularly.  If I go to Gulfport Beach a couple times this month, I’ll pick up a few more species depending on what’s around that day or time of day.  Maybe eight to ten more.  I think that might be it this month and maybe November, too.  Not too shabby considering this is just neighborhood stuff. 

Starting in October, I guess I should have my Bay legs when the New Year rolls around and the count starts from there.

The coolest species I saw at the beach this month were Marbled Godwits, a pair of Oystercatchers, Semipalmated Plovers and a Ruddy Turnstone. 

I think that might be it this month and maybe November, too.  My photos lie in wait, too.  -SLB


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