Comments all around… and photo trouble

DaLo, love the artwork!  I am a huge Warhol fan, myself.  Did you know that KSC has one of his original paintings on display?  I did not know this until I came across it when my youngest and I were there last.  My jaw dropped; I was so excited to see one right there in front of me!!

I must echo the sentiments of the others and say that your species count is amazing!  Are you doing a big year over there? 😉  (You all got me hooked on that movie; one of the few that I will watch over and over!)  What is your total goal for 2012?  With the trip oversees, you have got to have an amazing tally of species overall by this point!!

I have been looking through my Stokes guide for your ducks, but no luck yet.  I will check Crossley next.

SLB, that is an awesome picture of Rocky!  He looks so serene, all curled up.  🙂  I think you had a great species count yesterday!  Mine generally rests around a dozen, but those are mostly the ones that come and go from the yard.  Until this week, it has been the same handful for a while.  It is nice to have something to look so forward to in the winter.  It took a while for me to get used to the subtle seasonal changes in Florida, but once I started birding, they became especially marked by the presence of certain species and plumage variations. 🙂

Interesting info about the Palmies in your area… The year before last, I had them hanging about daily as well, and they were rather bold.  Last year, I didn’t see a single one come through the yard!  Maybe it was a trend across state?  Who knows?  Hopefully they will be back in large numbers for you this year!

Jo, thanks for the link of the Duck Stamps!  You know, if I’m not mistaken, my dad has a couple of those from… maybe the 90s (?) that he collected in a special framed edition with an autographed print.  I’ll have to ask him about that (I may be thinking of a different annual duck print release).  Perhaps this year I will seek one out for my own wall. 🙂

As for the photos, thank you!  The Mockingbird was especially cooperative.  That setting is one that I have actually learned to use on the camera and have found it especially useful for rainbows.  I know that you can saturate colours in Photoshop, but I rather like the way it comes out when I let the camera do it. 🙂

The Cardinal…  I really loved the gleam in his eye on that shot, too.  He is an odd Cardinal because… he is a full-grown male with the wrong colour beak.  He may be one from this year’s clutches, but their beaks have all turned orange by this late in the season and by the time the males have their beautiful red plumage, their beaks are at least bi-coloured.  His just never turned, I suppose.  I think he’s beautifully unique, but I’ve never seen him before and I haven’t seen him since.  I would love for him to stick around though. 🙂

All right, now… I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is not letting photos be uploaded.  I think that DaLo and I are having the same issue here, because I just tried to put one on this post and it just puts itself on coffee break while it tries to insert the photo (same issue I ran into yesterday on the last photo I tried to upload).  Any ideas?


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