Rocky Warhol? My loyal and best American birding companion

Rocky Warhol, my loyal and best year-round-resident-of-Florida birding companion, posted a photo of himself to express his feelings about being immortalized by DaLo.  I, on the other hand, am laughing so hard.  Thanks.

My loyal and best snowbird-resident-of-Florida birding companion neglected to mention that, contextually speaking, my neighborhood tally for yesterday wasn’t too shabby.  Just joking.  Just joking.  G-d willing and the creek don’t overflow, we are on in December, Jo.  Jo, your numbers are also quite impressive.  You guys are true blue birders.

BTW, I don’t know if anyone else is paying attention to the categories in the widget, but thanks to DaLo’s artwork, there is a new one.  Enough with the joking around.  I have nothing serious to say about birds this morning.  -SLB

Rocky in one of his happiest moments after a long, long birding trek




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