(that’s “Great Eastern Screech Horned Owl”)!

I think the confusion came from Jenn’s comment that “I have only seen two GHO ever” by this I believe she meant “I’ve not seen any species of owl besides Great Horned”.  I don’t believe she meant to imply from that, that my two ESO pictures were actually GHOs.  But, either way, for the record, I posted two pictures of the same (one) Eastern Screech Owl in a nest-box in Hernando.  Jo then posted a lovely Great Horned Owl picture and (presumably) SLB labelled it correctly as such.

Jenn:  I saw another two Palmies in the NCBG today, so that absolutely nails that one down!  I also saw a Black-throated Blue Warbler (nice!) and later (at Clearwater Beach, Pinellas) a Willet!

Jo:  This ESO (in nest box) is a red-form.  Often they’re grey.  I think the red-form is prettiest!

SLB:  I also saw a Pied-billed Grebe today in Pasco (near SR 54).  It was on a lake behind the dental office my step-son was frequenting at the time.  I saw my first one of the season only a few days ago (in Hernando).  I was literally thinking “I wonder when the Pied-billed Grebes will reappear?” and it popped up in the water in front of me!  I was on a forest walk once with my wife and I said “You know, I’ve never seen a Lunar Moth!”  My wife waited for me to finish my sentence then asked “What’s that?” and pointed to a large curvy moth on the next tree.  I don’t really need to type in the punchline do I?!  🙂

OK, I have a LOT of photo deciphering to do from my beach trip, so perhaps you’ll excuse me for now…  


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