GHO or ESO…..who is it?

Yes, ESO for both of them….as you may have missed, DaLo noted, “here’s another picture of that gorgeous ESO.”  and both pictures show the bird in a nest box.

I enjoyed reading your post about Lake Pasadena….all those birds on a lake that really isn’t that large, but the birds certainly have a safe haven in the middle of it with those Mangroves.  Seeing a Great Blue Heron carrying nesting material there, would make me think that it is building a nest.  I’m sure you will go back there often to see what’s new with all the nesting birds.  I also enjoyed your slideslow….especially the pictures of the Wood Stork.  They may not be the prettiest bird, but they have a very pretty wing pattern….nice shots of that!

I’ve been trying to catch up with my processing from our trip and with posting my sightings on eBird, a time-consuming effort.  The immature Sharpies are still harassing the birds in the yard, notably the Blue Jays.  This is the longest they’ve been around and I can’t help but wonder when they’ll move on so my poor birds can live in peace…..actually, I should be thankful they’re the immature birds and not adults.   Twice today, they chased Jays into our windows….it always makes me cringe when I see or hear that happen.  Thankfully, the Jays were not injured.


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