My Big Year (ha ha)

Just to answer Jenn’s questions…  Yes, I guess I am doing a kind of ‘Big Year’ (just a Big Year within a 2 mile radius of my house as I mainly use my bike)!  If I have to drive someone to work (like yesterday) or collect someone from the airport (as I did last week) I try to stop off somewhere on the way too!  I haven’t posted it yet, but the ESO today was a new species for me for Hernando, so that was an extra treat (a Screech Owl is treat enough for me!) but that brings my county tally this year to a nice round 180!  As I really tried last year and managed 139 species, this year has totally exceeded expectations!  I now have 192 species for Florida 2012, so I guess my goal ought to be hitting the big 200, but I’m sure the last 8 will be a lot harder to find than the first 108!  Having said that, I’m off to Pinellas again tomorrow, so anything’s possible!  My world tally for this year is at 257, but I did cheat by going to Europe!  What I’m most pleased about is being at almost 600 checklists for the year!  I thought I was coming up to the ‘big 500’ but I was getting confused with those pesky ABA ‘ticks’ (which seemed to get stuck at 498 no matter how many checklists I submitted) (slap forehead) so when I’m older and sitting in my rocking chair, I can look back at the extraordinary year of 2012 and smile.  I’m sure if I could tell peeps, sparrows and female ducks apart, I’d be at 200 species already.  OK, that’s enough about tallies, totals and ticks!  So, here’s another shot of that gorgeous ESO (your reward for reading my very dull post)…

Eastern Screech Owl



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