Rocky Warhol, Cardinals, Owls and everything in between

I just loved the picture of Rocky Warhol, your faithful birding companion, SLB, and the way he was immortalized by DaLo….can’t decide which color background is best for him because I think he looks great in all of them!  Nice going!  I feel as though he’s a member of this site, so it’s nice to see the link to him under your post.

Jenn, I looked at the Cardinal picture again….how could I have missed the fact that he had a black bill rather than the orange one he should have.  Wonder why that happened.  I think that buying a Duck Stamp each year is something birders should do and I intend to do that every year from now on….it is definitely a good way to support wildlife.  As far as having Palmies in the yard, they were definitely in our yard there on a daily basis this past winter.  I could always count on seeing them along with several different species of waterfowl that were there daily as well.  

DaLo, you never cease to amaze us girls….your tally of birds is remarkable, whether it’s for the county, state or anywhere else….good luck on having a a really Big Year.  Pinellas County is a great place to see birds, so I hope you get closer to your goal of 200….geez, I have 181 for the year and I doubt that it’s going to get any higher. 

Okay, I must admit that your Owl pictures have me a bit baffled…..isn’t the bird an Eastern Screech Owl, rather than a Great Horned Owl?   You have it labeled underneath the picture as a GHO, but.  your text mentions it as an ESO.  Because of its head markings, I think it is an ESO.  Also, I don’t think the GHO nests in a box, mainly because at 22″ it’s quite a bit larger than the ESO at 8″…..the GHO prefers open areas like the platforms that the Ospreys use or like this one that we saw at Ft. De Soto in March in one of the Oak trees….


Great Horned Owl



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