What a Morning

Sorry to post the addendum to the wrong board, all!  😕  It is just one of those days.

DaLo, the owl is a wonderful, wonderful catch!  I have only seen two Great Horned Owls ever.  I swore I would find a Barred Owl this year, but I would be super thrilled with a Screech Owl (or a Burrowing Owl) as well!  Congratulations on that highlight!

SLB, thanks!  I agree, sometimes those variations can really throw us for a loop.  The infamous Yellow-rumped Warbler is a great example of a single bird that’s different every time (in my opinion).  With Cardinals, I spend a lot of time watching them because when it is baby bird season, in my yard that translates to Cardinal season.  Show me a shore bird with a variation and I will spend hours in my guides trying to figure out which one it could be (e.g. Mr. Willet’s bill seemed to be slightly off-shape compared to the photos in my guides… thank the heavens for WBIT)! 😀  Yours and DaLo’s analogies are fabulous (i.e. Jack Russells and Sibleys for people)!  I’ll have to think of one to go with them. 🙂

Well, Jo, turns out I was mistaken.  The Duck Stamps were not of the federal variety, but of the state variety.  Nevertheless, I think I will seek one of those out this year, maybe begin collecting them. 🙂

And a quick note:  I think I may have a House Wren hanging about!  I got some awful photos yesterday, but the lack of eye stripe, the posture, and the barely visible wing patterning (and the incessant yelling at other birds) indicate that it very likely is.  Perhaps a House Wren will take up residence in the Wren House that has been vacant for two years now…


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