GES HO’s not confused anymore……me!

Jenn and DaLo… case you missed the confession, it was SLB who labeled DaLo’s Owl as a GHO, which didn’t jive with the text….. hopefully, none of us are confused anymore….it’s an ESO and a reddish variety at that…..nice work, DaLo.

Jenn, your pictures of the Black-throated Blue Warbler and the American Redstart are very good….and I’m envious, especially as I know how difficult it is to get any Warbler to stay still long enough to get a decent picture, and the Redstart usually is hidden in trees or brush….it looks as though you’re doing very well with your new camera.  Turkey Creek is on my list of places to visit when we get back to FL, as is Viera Wetlands, and with all the great reports I’ve been reading from Brdbrain members in regard to both places, I look forward to seeing your efforts.

Pied -billed Grebes are in the lake at our FL home on a daily basis, and I always tried to get closer to them to get a better picture, but they were always very skittish. 

Those leg bands or flags or whatever they’re called….I’ve never seen any shorebird with one, but I do understand that they are useful for those people who keep track of the birds who have them.  I cannot imagine why they would track Vultures….and, we’ve had plenty in the yard there, too, often when the usually cold weather killed some of the fish in the lake as it did in 2010.  For people, our license plates serve the same purpose whenever we travel to areas far, far from home…..they’re red flags, too.  “Wow, you’re a long way from home.” is the usual comment….or as they say in Newfoundland when they noticed the FL plate on our motor home…”That’s a long walk from here.” 

The Sharpies continue to harass the Jays on a very cold day….barely into the 40s….brr!  I’m ready to head south with the rest of the snowbirds. 

I received an email from Cornell the other day in regard to a TV special on the Birds of Paradise, which will be shown on NatGeo TV on Thanksgiving Day….after watching the trailer for the show, I found a few more videos that I thought are worth sharing….

BJ thinks that I’m not paying enough attention to him….he’s sitting in my lap, purring away, but every now and then I get a gentle pat on my face…..he may want his food dish refreshed with some “new” food….a task that he requires often during the day….did I mention that he’s spoiled by his Chief of Staff?


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