Long Shot

OK, this is a bit dumb I grant you.  But I was just curious what you might say about this very, very distant bird.  I believe I saw it once before (about a year ago?) in very much the same place (and distance).  At first I thought it was a [I don’t want to put ideas in your heads] then, through binoculars I thought “oh, its a [one of those]” but when I looked at the pictures on the PC I thought “could it be a [this space for hire]”.  I’m not after a positive ID as it’s a blurry clump of grey pixels, but I was curious to see what the group’s “gut feelings” were if they had to stab at an ID.



In other news.  I saw the Black-throated Blue Warbler again today.  I couldn’t get a picture of it, but I was inspired by Jenn’s “Rudolf” picture (with the Beauty Berry nose), so when I saw the Catbird doing the same thing I grabbed a quick shot…



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