Long shots and colorful faces on those LBJs

Jenn….I do remember the excitement this past spring when there were several rare birds found in different areas of FL, including a Lark Sparrow at Ft. De Soto that caused quite a bit of flurry among birders on the Brdbrain listserv.  Imagine a Sparrow causing that much excitement!  Sparrows are usually dismissed as “little brown jobs”, but I have always liked them except for the House Sparrow, which, along with the Starling, was introduced from Europe.  Both made the mistake of quickly inhabiting the entire US and most of Canada and we don’t tend to like birds that are so prolific and abundant….but, isn’t that the same thing we humans have done to this planet?. 

So, congratulations on getting a very nice picture of a very rare bird and, if it was in your yard, I hope it stays around for you, along with those Indigo Buntings.  If it was at Viera Wetlands, well, perhaps it should be posted to the Brdbrain listserv so others can look for it…..just like DaLo’s Vermilion Flycatcher was posted by a friend of his.  By the way, yesterday someone posted the location of a Vermilion in the Orlando area to the listserv, so your bird is certainly worthy of a post, too, since it’s just as rare.

As for using the “auto” setting on the camera…..I’ve done that, too, while learning how to take pictures.  You can use it as a guide to learn what setting to use, although it isn’t always the best one, because its “brain” can’t make the necessary adjustments for light or the lack of light that your brain can make.  It’s perfectly acceptable to take lots of pictures of one subject, since not all will be perfect…deleting the unacceptable ones is the beauty of digital imaging.  I remember the days of taking slides, having them developed, waiting for them to arrive in the mail and then discarding almost all of them….such a waste of time and money.  With digital imaging we’re able to see our results immediately, costing us nothing but time…..hooray for the digital revolution!

I will definitely be in touch with you, Jenn, in regard to visiting Turkey Creek or Viera….it would be nice to meet you and, if possible, to bird with you, too. 

DaLo….my goodness, that’s quite a challenge you’ve given us….I’m not sure I can even take a guess, although it looks like some kind of Hawk.

Speaking of Hawks…..those two Sharpies are still in the yard, making life miserable for the Jays with relentless attacks.  And, yes, Jenn, the Sharpies are the same size as the Jays, 11″….their wingspan is 23″, the Jay’s 16, …they weigh 5 oz, the Jay’s 3….the Jays lack those sharp talons.  I managed this shot today, taken through double-pane glass, of one of the Sharpies before it took off after a Jay.  They do not stay perched for very long, so the yard is filled with the squawking of the Jays as they’re being attacked, even as I type this post….my poor Jays, indeed.


I am finally current with my eBird postings….hooray!  I have been working diligently on processing pictures taken this year.  I take far too many and then leave them for processing later, so it can be a daunting task.  I have lots of shorebirds to post for ID help on WBIT?….so, SLB, get ready for that….these are the ones we saw at Ft. De Soto in April…yes, I’m that far behind!  Sometimes, life just gets in the way!   More later…..Jo




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