This and that and Marbled Godwits

Jenn, you were talking about Hawks, and I got so excited I actually went to see what time you posted.  Alas, two hours ago.  Everyone has more experience with this than I do, so I hope you all will check out the pics I posted on the WBIT? site.  My guess is probably way off.  Here’s the backstory.  When I took Rocky out at 6 (it is usually later), we were going to go for a walk except there was a raptor in the yard.  I apologized to him, as we ran to the elevator, up to the sixteenth floor, and I remembered to get him out of the cart.  High rises!  Then, I grabbed the camera which I had left in the apt figuring it was getting dark, and crossed my fingers.  That was one busy bird who did not care that I was shooting.  I did keep my distance and did not want to try for any more angles by walking around him.  One of my neighbors watched and couldn’t believe the bird stayed.

Thanks for the guess about the bird in the tree.  I hope to see it again.  It was in a tree next to the Bay, and I think it was making noise, but I would not swear to it.  Mockingbirds, Jays, an Osprey, Sparrows, Laughing Gulls and other less talkative sea birds have a lot to discuss.  I want to go back soon since I have recently seen a brown bird with lots of vertical stripes on its breast and belly sitting on shubbery next to the Bay.  It was sitting in almost exactly the same place both times.  I am thinking Brown Thrasher.  I would love to get a good shot.  It wouldn’t be a Lifer, but I think it is a bird I forgot to write on my Lifer list.  I couldn’t grab the camera fast enough either time.  I went back this afternoon, and saw Sparrows and probably the same Little Blue Heron that sitting on the dock this morning.  He had moved up in the world, perching on the light pole above the dock.  This morning I did see a Loggerhead Shrike which was great, because it was the first time at eye level, about the third time in the last several weeks.

As for the shorebird, let’s see if the others think it is a S-b Dowitcher. 

I have read camera reviews and a lot of people like Canon’s.

You have quite an eye to have noticed the winter migrant who arrived at Gulfport Beach last month.  I was so happy to see the small flock.  They are the tallest (actual) shorebirds that come there.  I like the feathers and the bill.  I took this photo to document the incredible number of Sandwich Terns that have been on the beach for quite a while.  A Forster’s has hung out with them.  The Least Terns bred nearby, but have left Florida now.  I expect the Royal and Caspian soon.  The Skimmers are in small flocks now.  Those are the only ones I know, and one of these days, I will label the Terns I posted on WBIT.  Here are the birds you asked about.  -SLB

2012_09_29 Marbled Godwits, Willets and Sandwich Terns
Gulfport Beach, Boca Ciega Bay, “departure to the Gulf of Mexico,” FL


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