OK, I had another (lengthy) look and I agree with Short-billed Dowitcher.  It’s a bird I almost never see, so I had to use my books, but that half olive / half slate-grey bill (and the size) seems to rule out everything else.  Oh, and the heavy flank barring.  And Jenn, those are Marbled Godwits you mentioned.  Again, I rarely see them, but I did spot a handful on the Courtney Campbell Causeway a week ago (one half is Pinellas, the other Hillsborough).  Such a lovely cinnamon colour!

Not much to say about my uneventful birding today.  I did see a red-winged blackbird seemingly feeding a male brown-headed cowbird.  The cowbirds, starlings and (more) rwbbs arrived yesterday.  The guy from Orlando was checking the flock in case a stray yellow-headed was in there, but (having checked his eBird post tonight) he didn’t see any.  He did find a flicker (it reads) but I didn’t (though he went to a more wooded area than I did so that seems a more suitable location for that species).  I saw 33 species and he saw almost exactly the same 31 species in pretty much the same numbers, so it was nice to get ‘confirmation of my work’.



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