Jo:  I can’t wait to have a crack at any shorebird IDs (from Fort De Soto) even if they do give me a headache.  Some people like sudoku, I like bird puzzles.  I’m sure I’ve encountered Dunlins many times, so I think Sibley’s publishers misread something!  As for the comments from ‘Tex’, he ought to have a chat with Houston Control as those digital images from the ISS, Shuttle, Hubble, Voyager, Opportunity, and 100 other satellites’ and space-probes’ cameras would be a real pain the ass to collect, develop and reload!  I still have a phone with a rotary dial, but as soon as they invented non-film cameras I was delighted!

The rwbb was very gently and lovingly touching the beak of the cowbird for 25-30 seconds, it certainly wasn’t pecking at it in an aggressive manner.  I’ve no idea what the story of that was, but it did look like they were familiar with each other.

Group:  So, today I hit my 900th eBird checklist (world / all-time) and my 605th this year (world).  Just 100 to go and I hit the big 1,000!  Sadly, nothing new came along today (despite my peering into all the corners) but it was still a good day for birding, with 40 species.  Highlights were…  2 Ospreys (mobbing an adult Bald Eagle), a Barred Owl calling, my first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the fall season, and three Savannah Sparrow (new for fall).  I also saw a Marsh Wren, House Wren and Carolina Wren on the same day which was fun.

Here’s the latest (amusing) picture from the migrating (ultralight) Whooping Cranes…


Whooping Crane



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