Another 15 minutes of fame…

Congratulations again, DaLo…..just read a post from your friend on the Brdbrains listserv about you finding the Vermilion Flycatcher again at Weekiwachee Preserve.  Looks as though it may stay around the area. 

And, congratulations, too, on reaching 900 eBird checklists as well as the 605 for your world list….wow!

Okay, while reviewing some of the birds that I want to post on WBIT?, I was actually able to ID a couple of them….boy, are they ever tricky!  I’ll post the others and you can have a crack at trying to ID them, DaLo….along with SLB, who sees shorebirds more often than I ever do.  By the way, I took 301 pictures the day we were at the Fort.  Is it any wonder how time consuming it is to sort through them?  I keep telling myself not to take so many pictures, but I never learn.

That is a really cute picture of the Whoopers….wonder what it thought about that big orange ball in the field.  The scene in the background is really amusing….it looks as though the Crane with its feet dangling is part of the humanoid’s head….and then there’s the Crane in the foreground with the long “tail”….who takes these pictures and do they realize how they look…..the entire picture is amusing.


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