The VF re-run….and the Falcon

Well, enjoy your second 15 minutes of fame, DaLo….and thank you again for the ID help on my shorebirds….I may have some more from the same day, and I will use numbers on the birds as SLB suggested.  I guess I can put the aspirin bottle away for now.

As far as that bird of prey photo, I was thinking Peregrine Falcon because of the face pattern….it certainly looks as though it has a black cap, which is descriptive for the PF… the barring on its tail and body.  Besides, if you look on the website, it matches one of their images of one in flight….my guess is that it is a PF.  Is that yet another lifer for you?  You really have had quite a year…..a Big Year, if you will.  Congrats, again!

Meanwhile, back here in NS, the two immature Sharpies continue to harass the Jays.  Yesterday, they both chased a Jay and both hawks hit the window next to Terry’s desk….ouch, that was a very loud thump.  They flew to a nearby tree, perched for a short time and flew off again after another Jay.  Today, as I stood outside on a beautiful day, watching the Jays eating nearby, a Sharpie swooped down after a Jay and they both came within inches of me, with the Jay screaming.  The Sharpie flew off, but the Jay landed in the Hydrangea bush just a couple of feet away from me, saw me and flew further away, clearly frightened of me, too.  Little did it know that I was no threat.  My poor Jays. 



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