I’m a Rocket Man

Mommy is busy this evening, so I have commandeered the computer, again. The first order of business was shooting an email to Jasper, imploring him to do a canvas or two of birds, one of my favorite subjects. I am a “neighborhood birder.” This is today’s report. The day began with this beautiful image in the sky which I interpreted as a good omen.  I hoped to discover the birds we don’t see everyday, although the birds we do, the American and Fish Crows, Eurasian-collared Doves, Laughing Gulls and European Starlings are all beautiful. We decided to walk farther, much farther than usual to Fred Held Habitat, another narrow, small park that borders the Bay. A few Herons, white and gray, flew overhead. Disillusioned with the dearth of birds and the speed at which they left, we started back. We were nearly at the high rise when we passed the water-filled run-off where I have been seeing a Roseate Spoonbill, Tricolored Heron, Wood Stork and a few Mallards almost every day.  I trotted as I headed for the next block, as I was anxious to get back to my chair and curl up in that Lazy Boy. I thought I really should check the tiny, fenced-in pond across the street. Each day, we see several Mallards, many White Ibis, a Great White Egret, and sometimes a Great Blue Heron or a Tricolored Heron. Now and then, another seabird comes to visit. I looked through the fence and saw all of the visitors – a lone Mallard.  I spent the rest of the day counting the species I have seen, (definitely less than Mommy as she has not taken me on all her forays), reading my bird guides, and taking a couple quick trips outside and napping until dinner. Then, I sent Jasper another email. Please send painting of your Brown Thrasher as soon as possible.

PS So, Mr. DaLo, what’s this business about boredom encouraging an All American Tribute to the best Jack Russell Terrier?  -Rocky B

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