Fall in NS…and an All-American dog

I’ve tried four times to post from the “new post” tab with no luck….keep getting a message “unknown_blog” in the subject line, which then disappears and my post doesn’t get published.  So, here I am using the link under my name, which works, as I tried a test post first…..

Just in case any of you miss the colors of Fall, here are a couple of pictures that I took yesterday of part of our front yard.  There are mostly Evergreens around us, but we do have a few Maple, Beech and Poplar trees to add some color…..

There were about 25 Common Grackles in the yard this morning, but I didn’t take any pictures of them….I did, however, take pictures of Blue Jays yesterday, one of my favorite subjects…..this one is all fluffed up….

SLB….enjoyed your pictures of the birds around your neighborhood…..that looks like a Cooper’s Hawk with its catch of the day.  That Shrike looks as though it’s imitating a House Wren with its tail up.  And I so enjoyed Rocky’s post tonight…..he’s a very good birder!  Very attentive and I’m sure he knows all the birds that he sees on his daily walks. 

I also enjoyed what DaLo did with him on the flag…..it’s too bad Rocky can’t be on the ballot this November….he would certainly get my vote!  As for DaLo, he obviously has too much time on his hands.  😉

Jenn…glad you joined the Brdbrain listserv…..I’m sure you will find it quite useful.  Hope you saw the Blue Grosbeaks today at Turkey Creek.

That Swamp Sparrow is pretty, DaLo…..a bird I have yet to see.  Most people ignore those “little brown jobs” but I find they are pretty, too, with the different shades of brown.  Is that a lifer for you?  By the way, I noticed on eBird today that Florida birders have seen 421 species this year….that’s impressive.  One birder, in fact, has seen a total of 321….very impressive.


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