Lovely Photos and a Hawk

Good to be back.  I see someone was using my computer while I was doing household chores.  Sorry the New Post feature was not working.  What a wonderful pic of the Swamp Sparrow.  Don’t you just love it when the bird looks like it was actually posing for you? 

DaLo, thanks for Rocky flagging down all his Florida Birdwatcher friends.  Very creative.  Can anyone of you birdwatchers/art affectionatoes  figure out why Rocky wants Jasper to paint a Brown Thrasher?  Personally, I think Jasper should paint the bird  while he takes his easel from WC to WC. 

Jo, the lovely photos remind me so much of home.  With your view of nature, including the birds, it must be so relaxing to sit out on your porch.  

I am going to attach the series of the Hawk.  This is how I came to discover it.  I noticed there was a very small brown bird on the rail as I was leaving the park.  I think its landing must have been noticed by my peripheral vision, because something intangible made me turn around.  The bird was small, much smaller than the Red-tailed I saw several days ago.  I wondered if this was what Jo meant by a Sharpie as it appeared to be just a bit bigger than a Jay.  I respectfully began shooting from a distance.  Nevertheless, when it saw me, it went into the hedges and stood on a branch right next the Bay.  It was almost as though it heard the click of the shutter.  Oh, the Blue Jays in the hedge.  make more of a sustained racket than I have ever heard before.  Without any cropping, here are the originals.  Perhaps, this can help me more with a proper ID.  You may get a better idea of the bird’s size.  I have never seen a Cooper’s or a Sharpie, so I don’t know the difference.  Thanks.  -SLB


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