“New Post” still not working…

and I don’t like using the other one under my name, mainly because I cannot see the other posts that I want to comment about…..and with a memory that is less than perfect, that’s a problem. I hope the problem gets fixed by Word Press, although I think they would have to be made aware of it…..SLB?

Anyway, to comment on SLB’s Hawk picture…..if the bird is the size of a Jay, than it definitely is a Sharpie….although the barring on its body going all the way down to the tail, makes me think Sharpie, too.  Since it actually caught something, it makes me think that the two immature birds that have been around our yard for a couple of weeks without catching anything must be really young.  Not that I want them to catch any of my Jays, but it does make me wonder how much practicing they actually need…..plus, how long do they go without food, since their parents aren’t around to feed them.

As for why I think Rocky wants Jasper to paint a picture of a Thrasher, is it because Mommy saw what she thought was a Thrasher a few days ago and wants to have one to look at to help her with an ID.    Did I miss something….who’s Jasper?  As you can tell, I’m not an art affectionado…

DaLo, I’ve been reading with interest all of the posts about the Hawk Watch going on in the Keys.  It’s amazing that they’ve set a new world record for Peregrine Falcons seen in a day and for the count.  Evidently, all is okay in the world of the Peregrines and it’s always good to hear anything good that pertains to birds.   If you want to read an amusing post about a Bullock’s Oriole that twas seen during the Hawk watch, check out this link:     http://floridakeyshawkwatch.wordpress.com/

Also, sorry to hear that you’re a bit “off colour”…..hope you’re feeling better.


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