A front is expected on the Gulf Coast and other notes

I must Say both Phoebes are beautiful.  You have an excellent eye for the birds, rarely missing the new visitors to your area.

DaLo, hope you and your wife are in better humour.  Xeric is like flummox and thingamajig, good words for a rainy afternoon.  In reference to the fellow who used what he had and had what he used, he had an Eye for the Oriole.  Not every Line-r is a winner.

Jo, beautiful as your area is right now, are you ready to go south? 

Not only was Jasper Johns (Johns – hence the reference to painting in a series of WC’s) an icon of pop painting, but he was born in and lives in Georgia.  The state bird of Georgia is the Brown Thrasher.  DaLo caught the riddle.  A bit obscure.  I probably would have missed it myself.  Jo noted that I saw the Brown Thrasher twice last week.  There are no coincidences?  I am not well versed in art, but enjoyed some pop art and Twentieth Century pieces as I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town with a phenomenal art museum as well as visit a couple along the way.  We all know who was the expert when it comes to birds – Mr. Audabon

Rocky is a birder, but I would have to classify him more as a birding companion were I being technical.  The area has been rather quiet lately.    

Jenn, we all have our ways of posting.  I like to use the New Post from the drop-down menu because I can use the preview and categories.  I also use the draft feature occassionally. I also find it an easy place to edit.  Sometimes I use a little program I have and love called Stickies.  I can see the other posts while I type, then do the cut and paste routine into the New Post from the drop down menu.i

I remember we once talked about how we labelled and organized our photo collections.  Everyone seems to have a system which works for them.  -SLB

Using a Sticky to write a post


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