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Just a quick reply. (everything seems to be working perfectly now).

SLB:  I agree that your hawk picture is definitely either a Sharpie or Cooper’s Hawk.  As they are sometimes impossible to separate, I call them “Shooper’s Hawks”.  However, in this picture you have some handy references for scale.  I’ve never walked down that particular boardwalk, but assuming the designers and engineers followed the obvious rule of “Form follows function” and the people of St Pete are a similar size to the rest of the human race, then it gives a nice clue as to the bird’s actual dimensions.

Jo:  (some of my title captions seem to have gone walk-a-bouts) but the original painter of “Three Flags” (which I modified to include Rocky’s portrait) was painted by American artist Jasper Johns.  My paint package is really limited, so I had to do a more basic visual effect.  It also seemed more appropriate to select an American icon (Old Glory) as this is an American (and Floridian) website.  I doubt many of you would have heard of, say, Bridget Riley or Rachel Whiteread?  Besides, it’s a bird website.  Like I said, I was a bit bored!

Your garden, btw, looks beautiful!  🙂  And thanks for the ‘get well soon’ thoughts.  I’ll pass them on to my poor wife (as she now feels worse than I do) and has an 8 hour shift to look forward to!  😦


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