Hooray! New Post and a new bird….

The “new post” is working again.

DaLo….I would say with 100% certainty that your bird is a Say’s Phoebe….like the Vermilion, it is very distinctly colored.  Oddly, I was just going through some pictures last night and had to correct a name on two of them…..had a Canyon Towhee misrepresented as a Say’s Phoebe and vice-versa….saw both birds in Arizona some years back.  Wasn’t sure about either one, so asked for help and they confirmed that the birds were indeed Canyon Towhee and Say’s Phoebe.  The Say’s Phoebe has that very distinctive rufous color on its belly….and besides, there have been other sightings around FL of Say’s in the past few days as reported by some Brdbrain members….so, if it’s even rarer than the Vermilion….good for you!  Report it to your friend Bev Hanson and I’m sure she’ll post it on Brdbrains.  I assume it was seen at Weekiwachee…..what a great place to bird and it will definitely be a spot that I want to visit this winter.  Here’s the picture that I took of a Say’s….I like yours better, however, as it really shows off that rufous belly….


Glad you read the blog about the guy who painted the Oriole with eyeliner….the guy from Brdbrains who posted the link, Jeff Bouton, who was also at the Hawk Watch, made an amusing comment in his post about the painting, saying that Rafael, “claims he had to go buy the eyeliner.”  What a beautiful job he did with eyeliner….although I cannot imagine wearing yellow eyeliner, but the brand was L.A. Girls, so that says it all.

If you check your field guide, you will notice that the range of the House Finch only goes to the very northern part of Florida.  I’ve had them at my feeders there every winter, and others have reported them in central Florida as well, so when Sibley and others bring out their revised editions, I’m sure it will show that House Finches are all over Florida.  I used to confuse them with Purple Finches, until someone pointed out the difference to me.  We don’t have House Finches here, just the Purple Finches, so I look forward to seeing the House Finches when we get back to FL next month. 

Unlike you, I did not delve into the engineering and design elements of the boardwalk on SLB’s picture with the Hawk….basically, her comment of it being “about the size of a Jay” made me think Sharpie….but those light bars on the body also made me think Sharpie.

While we’re talking about SLB and her photos….wow!  Great Egrets on their nest….those are really big birds, and ones that I haven’t seen very often, so that’s a lucky find and it should be interesting to see the progress on the nest in the coming weeks.  

We went grocery shopping yesterday, a drive of about five miles, and all along the way, the trees were at their colorful best…..the reds, oranges and yellows  While Evergreens dominate this Province, there are enough deciduous trees to add color.  This is such a beautiful season, and on a sunny day, the colors add a warm glow to everything.  Of course, just when the trees are showing off their pretty colors, their leaves are falling like confetti and soon only their skeletons will remain, bare naked and exposed to the elements over the winter months.  It’s no wonder that we welcome the return of spring….even the birds are at their most colorful, as they prepare to bring new life into the world.

In the meantime, the Sharpies continue to harass the Jays.  Their attacks are relentless.  Even if I can’t see what’s going on in the front yard, the squawks of the Jays is evidence that the Hawks are attacking.  As I write this, in fact, the harassment continues.  Yesterday, after one attack, the Sharpie landed on a branch right between two Jays….with not even a foot of space between the birds.  Both Jays glanced at the Hawk and flew off and the Hawk chased after yet another Jay.  All of this happened in a few seconds. There were five Black Ducks in the yard, eating cracked corn, but the Sharpies paid no attention to them….probably too big of a target for them.  This past winter, Terry was here and there were at least four dozen Black Ducks and one male Wood Duck in the yard.  On two occasions, two Black Ducks were taken, probably by a Goshawk, although there was also a Bobcat around….first time Terry had seen one of them in the yard in the 30-plus years he’s been here.  Never a dull moment in the front yard.

Thank you, too, for explaining who Jasper is…..and, no, I don’t know B. Riley or R. Whiteread….although, as mentioned, I’m not an art affectionado, so others here may know them.  I do like what you did with Rocky… should get bored more often.  🙂

Aw, that’s too bad about your wife being sicker than you….hope you both get well soon.


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