“New Post” is still broken…well, half broken anyway

….because my subject lines do not show up for any of my posts, although they are there in the preview of the posts, allowing me to edit if needed…..go figure!  Perhaps this is some sort of a  plot to make me use the post from the drop-down menu…..which I don’t like as much, but I just figured out that I can pop it out into a new window and thereby read all of the posts in order to comment on them.  Jenn, thank you for your suggestions.  I’ll bear them in mind, too.  Like you, I’ve also had my draft disappear if I click on a picture to enlarge it….what a bummer that is!  I wish they would just pop the picture into a new window so you don’t lose anything….I think that happens with WBIT?

I forgot to thank you, DaLo, for that excellent word “xeric”…..it’s one I can use for Bookworm, my favorite word game….have you tried that game?  I showed it to my niece Diane and she has gone into the stratosphere with her scoring.  I’ll have to check into Boggle and Quiddler, as they are not familiar to me. 

The immature Sharpies….I guess what they’re doing can be referred to as “play”, although I’m sure the Jays don’t agree.  What they are actually doing, however, is sharpening their skills for future use, and the Jays make the perfect “toy” for them since there are quite a few always in the yard.  The Jays know enough not to clear the yard while the “kids” are playing, but they certainly clear out when there’s an adult Hawk around.   Don’t be swayed into thinking that the Cooper’s avoid the faster birds, as they are skilled enough to get any bird, usually attacking when the bird is unaware of their presence.  And, yes, their misses exceed their hits, but they do have to eat and they keep trying until they’re successful….I just don’t want them eating in my yard.

Okay, let’s see what happens when this goes to press…..





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