Post Preferences: My Method

Ok… so here’s what happened.  I drafted a post a couple days ago… Wednesday I think.  I accidentally deleted half of it, so I saved the other half to “drafts” and just now got to return to it.  Sorry for the delay; busy week. 🙂  But before I finish drafting it and then reply to new stuff, I wanted to throw in my two cents on the “New Post” versus the second method.

For me, the option to “Publish Post” disappears sometimes and when it is there, it seems to get stuck on coffee break and never actually publishes the post, but the second method makes it more difficult (for me) to insert photos, whereas I can do this easily with the “New Post” feature.  Also, like Jo, I like to review everyone’s previous posts (especially on weeks where I have been following but haven’t had a chance to post in a couple days… like this week).  My answer to that, Jo, is that I compose my complete post with the “New Post” bar, then copy the entire block of text and images.  I go to “Manage My Blogs” under my profile, click “New Post” under “Florida Birdwatchers” (where the other method then comes up), then paste with Ctrl+V into the box there, review, publish, and I get the cake and eat it too.  🙂

Now, the only thing that has gone wrong is the occasional time where I, say, accidentally don’t copy the entire message (like this last time) or when I accidentally navigate away from the page while I am composing by doing something like clicking on a photo to enlarge, because it doesn’t automatically save the “New Post” to the drafts page and the “New Post” has disappeared when you return from the enlarged photo. 😕  So while there may be no perfect method, this one seems to work well. 🙂


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