The Old, New (Completed) Post… With Extra Comments

Marbled Godwits… yes, I must find a couple of those for my list and photo album… gorgeous birds and a great photo, SLB; thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on your lifers this week!  The B/G Gnatcatchers are very amusing to watch.  I love the little noises they make while they hop about and hang on the branches as they do. 😀  A lot of them have shown up at Turkey Creek this season.  Thursday, they seemed to be in every part of the sanctuary, hanging out with the warblers.

Your photos are wonderful; what a lucky photo op on the hawk!  It seems you have had quite the raptor action in your area this last week or so!  As for ID, I at first went to say “Cooper’s” until I took a second look.  Being that it is barely longer than the squirrel itself, Sharp-shinned matches well.  I’ve never seen a Sharp-shinned that I know of, but apparently the other birders saw one at Turkey Creek on Thursday.  I’ll get one on my list one of these days!  I do love DaLo’s new species classification:  Shooper’s… definitely have to remember that one. 😀


Jo, I feel bad for your jays.  The way you described the situation, some part of my brain wondered if perhaps the Sharpies are doing something like “playing” (although I realize that Sharpies do go after Jays and that they are birds of prey, but there is a social aspect and if yours are young birds…); anyway it’s just a random thought.  When my Cooper’s was very young, I saw it get a mouse in my garden.  Aside from the Mourning Doves, I have never seen it go after the other birds in the yard.  Doves make for fairly easy targets, though and my theory is that the hawk would rather not expend the effort to go after the smaller, faster birds.  But even going after the doves, the Cooper’s misses far more often that (s)he hits.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful fall colours!  It’s funny how, in Florida, one begins to identify seasons in terms of wet, dry, and bird species.  I know that, come January, the trees that can change colours will in my area, but it’s always so lovely to see them in their proper season. 🙂


DaLo, going back a bit to your “single pixel bird” (love that description, by the way), I wondered if you were referring to the discussion about the Cuckoo on WLB… I do recall that one more clearly now.  The reason that I suspected a preening hawk on this guy though, is that when you enlarge the photo, it actually looks like there is some brown/white striping on the slightly outstretched left wing.

I am still excited about the Lark Sparrow and I am just itching to find more sparrows to ID.  I have one to post to WBIT that I have had some trouble with.  Your Swamp Sparrow is beautiful!  That is a very lucky catch on a little one like that.  In reply to your mention of the guy looking for the sparrow, it’s funny because I had a similar discussion on Thursday in which I mentioned your Vermilion sighting! 😀  Turns out that the gentleman I spoke with had seen the post your friend made to the listserv already; small world!  So what is it with you and these flycatchers this fall?!  Such gorgeous photos of both; congratulations!!

But it is the Peregrine photo of which I am most jealous!  At the beginning of this year, I listed a top 3 on WLB.  Those, if I recall, were a Barred Owl, A Flamingo, and a Peregrine Falcon.  I’ve checked none off the list in 2012, but I have added so many other wonderful bird this year, including the Florida Scrub Jays on Jan 1.  I think that there is a chance that I saw a Peregrine fly over on Thurs at Turkey Creek, but I fumbled with the camera too much to get a decent shot.  When I process the photos, I’ll see if I can’t find enough detail to confirm.  Meanwhile, eyes to the sky! 🙂

Also, thanks for sharing the BHCB/RWBB story and photo.  That is very interesting, especially since the cowbird is in full adult plumage.

I do hope you and your wife are feeling better soon; my oldest has just come down with something as well, so I can relate there.

Ok, I know I haven’t necessarily replied to all I wanted to, but I need to run for now.  I have packets to pick up for tomorrow’s half-marathon; my first ever.  I am excited and slightly nervous, but I am eager to put a check in that box!  I will try and get back on a little later to share some photos and other great news. 🙂



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