TITLE: Here’s a way around the no title problem!

TITLE:  Here’s a way around the no title problem!

So, not much happening in Hernando today.  I did get official confirmation that the Say’s was indeed a Say’s and that it was a County first!  I seem to be VERY lucky this week!  🙂

Thanks SLB, Jo & Jenn for wishing my wife a swift recovery – I’ll be sure to pass on your kind words!

Jo:  Those Orioles (and their friends) are beautiful.  I’ve only seen them a handful of times.

Jenn:  Good luck with your 13.1 (as I learned about the other week)!

SLB:  Of course!  (slap head) Jasper JOHNS = WC!  You know, I read something about the Brown Thrasher being voted as the State bird of Georgia from Women’s Clubs to Women’s Club!  So “Water-Closet” didn’t enter my head!  I didn’t even know that term made it over here!

Cheeri-pip for now ladies…


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