Title: Uh, oh, Bookworm claims another….

Title:  Uh, oh, Bookworm claims another….

Before going further….DaLo, you had the same idea that I had about putting the title of the post into the body of it…..great minds think alike!  🙂

Bookworm:   OMG, it sounds as though I’ve created another addict to that game.  After showing it to my niece, Diane, a few years back, she bought the game and quickly surpassed my high score totals, although I don’t believe she has a 12-letter word….acquaintance.  You did very well with a 10-letter word…that’s impressive on your first try, since it took me what seemed like forever to get one.  As for 277K being good…..sorry, but Diane actually reached 84,000,000+ points, hoping to get to 100 million, before burning all of her books….so, yes, your score is low, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be into the millions in no time….just remember to always make that word that’s shown under Rex the Bookworm, as it gives you bonus points in addition to the regular points…as your score increases, those bonus points go up to 50,000.  Also, if you want to buy the game, it’s better to buy it through Yahoo games.  My cat, BJ, “plays” with the game with me from time to time, although he’s really just interested in “catching” the tiles as they head towards Rex.

I checked out the games you mentioned, but didn’t try them…..not sure I want to get involved with a game that has to be played in a certain amount of time, which is why I like Bookworm.  Then, there’s Scrabbleblast, which can be played three different ways….also interesting and no time limit involved.

I’ve read the posts from your friend Bev Hansen about what you’ve found at the Weekiwachee Preserve….yes, you have been very, very lucky with finding some pretty rare birds there and I hope your luck continues.  I’ve been reading about the sightings of lots of Red-breasted Nuthatches there, and I hope they continue to show up in FL.  They are in the yard here daily, along with their friends the Black-capped Chickadees…both are the friendliest of birds, completely unconcerned that humans are around.  The range of the RBN covers most of Canada and all of the US except for FL, where they are seen, but infrequently.  Now it seems that they, like the House Finches, are going to extend their range into FL and I would love to see them at my feeders there.  Come on down!

By the way, I don’t remember seeing that box on the bottom right of “New Post” with the drop-down menu for Florida Birdwatchers and the two other sites until just recently….who added that?

Okay, at least I did mention birds in this post, but there’s no tag for games….


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