Title: Budgies’ Downfall.

Title:  Budgies’ Downfall.

No, I didn’t know about that, but the last time I went there I didn’t see or hear any (which I just assumed to be “the luck of the draw”) but I read somewhere (ages ago) that the population couldn’t possibly be sustained long term (with or without assistance) so I guess this might just be an acceleration of their inevitable demise!  On the other hand, their population went from zero to 200? so maybe they can be sustained?  Hernando Beach is a rather rich, stuffy, “we all have boats and are members of the neighbourhgood watch scheme” kind of a place, so birders walking around with binoculars peering into other people’s gardens doesn’t go down well at the best of times, so I doubt I could encourage the next-door neighbours to get involved (wouldn’t they have done so already?) and I don’t think they’d appreciate outsiders poking around and of course Budgies are not indigenous to Florida, so they have zero protection from the State.  I think they’re awesome and they remind me of our own local version of the Parrots of Telegraph Hill (San Francisco) and would love to [be able to] take over their care, but, as my wife keeps reminding me, “We’re moving soon”.  Of course she’s been saying that for over a year, but I think she really means it this time!

As for Bookworm, I mentioned it to my wife and she said “Oh yes, I know that one, I used to play it”.  She’s a big Boggle fan (I don’t like it because it has a time limit – I HATE time limits), but that was quite playable as it let me take all the time I wanted (and another 4 hours after that!).  Quiddler on the other hand is a card game where the cars are “Scrabble” letters and you make words to lay-down your hand.  I like that because you can go for quick, short words and “skunk” your opponent or craft a lengthy word and show off your skills – oh, and no time limit!  I also like Phase10.  If you like Tetris, there’s a really cool new (free, no-downloads) game called “Butter Baron” on Miniclip (dot com).  As for scoring 84 trillion points, I will NEVER get onto the ‘Top 100’ ranking board, as I don’t “just see them” like my wife does.  Mind you, she’ll never beat my Touring Car lap record at the Silverstone circuit!  🙂

Oh heck!  I never mentioned anything about birds?!  Um, I know, we’re having chicken tonight!  Does that count?!  


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