Budgerigars in Hernando….

DaLo, do you know anything about this?  This was posted by a Brdbrain member tonight, who, along with two other friends, searched Weekiwachee  Preserve this morning for the Say’s and Vermilion Flycatchers, but didn’t find them in spite of walking seven miles.  He then wrote….

Afterward, I was shocked to find zero Budgerigars at Hernando Beach. The home that supports the entire Western Hemisphere breeding population seems to have been vacant for some time, and many of the “Budgie boxes” are in disrepair; several were arranged in a clump on the ground. An Eastern Wood-Pewee nearby was (sort of) a consolation prize.

What an absolute shame that the Budgies homes are in such a bad way….surely someone can step up to the plate and repair those boxes they use.


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