My trip to Boyd Hill

Although I was hoping to discover some migrants, mostly I wanted to see if I could get there and back on the buses and go into the woods and return without having to use my cellphone or lungs.  I arrived around 11:30 am, later than I would have preferred, but Sunday buses are few and far between.  I found an area where bugs loved the bushes and trees with all their hearts, souls and stupidity.  Of course, that’s where I found birds.  I could barely see them with my naked eye, much less the use the camera as I was facing the sun.  I now know how important the morning sun is when I go to Boyd Hill again.  I also had suspected than my inexperience would benefit from being with a guide and group.  That was more than confirmed.  I saw a Cooper’s, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Blue Jay, lots of unidentified birds flying overhead and heard birds I could not see.  I also saw and heard numerous squirrels.  I watched an Anhinga with his newly caught fish until he devoured it.  These are my photos.   Please help with the ID’s by reading the descriptions and adding what you know.  Thanks. -SLB

Some photos and the second Boyd Hill post have been removed.


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