Title: SLB’s slides…

Title:  SLB’s slides…

SLB, your birds are (Boyd Hill Part I first)

1)  Mockingbird

2)  Mockingbird

3)  Mockingbird

4)  Red-tailed Hawk

5)  Gray Catbird

6)  Gray Catbird

[Boyd Hill, Part II]

1)  Mockingbird

2)  Mockingbird


I was restricted to “light duties” today (from what I think at this stage turned out to be a spider bite?) so my birding activities were limited to sitting on my front-step and periodically staring up into the canopy of a live oak tree.  Although I eventually totted-up 23 species (mainly due to the half-full near-by retention pond) I still struggled to ID lots of ‘LYJs’ (the yellow equivalence of ‘little brown jobs’) due to their annoying habit of being small, restless and deep in cover!  I have a hard-drive full of pictures of leaves!

I’ve actually been to Boyd Hill Park, but it was a LONG time ago and my memory is pretty sketchy.  I also didn’t go at a very bird friendly time of year (or day?) as I remember seeing very little activity.  Is that the place that has a rehabilitation / sanctuary area just beyond the pay-to-get-in / visitor centre?  I seen to recall a row of cages with black vultures in them and someone in a ranger’s hat feeding them?


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