Title: SLB’s slides…Boyd Hill I and Boyd Hill II

Title:  SLB’s slides…Boyd Hill I & II

I concur with DaLo on all of your birds, SLB…..pretty straightforward as to what all the birds are.  As Terry so often tells me, “You need a longer lens.”  I know your camera isn’t one that takes different lenses, so I know how frustrating it can be when the birds are out of range of your camera’s capabilities.  By the way, do your guesses concur with ours?

DaLo….a spider bite?  That would be my worst nightmare….I have a fear of spiders and I try to avoid coming into contact with any that are in FL, although that’s not always easy. 

Jack Paar….I remember that incident, although I didn’t see the show.  It was a funny story…..can’t imagine NBC thinking it was dirty, but that was back then.  My, how they’ve changed their tune over the years.  Is anything censored anymore?  Doesn’t seem to be, although I’m reminded of my mother when she watched a comedian on HBO in the late 1990s….Dennis Miller, whose rants included quite a lot of profanity.  Every time he uttered a swear word, which was quite often, she would exclaim, “Oh, my goodness, Jo, did you hear what he said?”  She was not used to hearing that kind of language, nor was I, but she had an eye for Dennis and she enjoyed watching his show.  I’m sure she would have enjoyed it just as much if I had turned the sound off.  🙂

The Budgies…..what a pity that they chose to live in a snooty neighborhood.  It’s too bad they couldn’t be lured to an area where there are birders would appreciate their presence.  And, that reminds me of the story of Pale Male and his mate, the Red-tailed Hawks who chose a ledge on an apartment building across from Central Park in New York City to build their nest.  Managers of the buidling made the mistake of removing the nest, an act that brought world-wide condemnation down on them.  There was so much uproar in the media from all over the world that they wound up replacing the nest with one designed by an architect.  Mary Tyler Moore was a resident of that building and one who spoke out against the removal of the nest, which was basically the work of Paula Zahn’s husband….she used to be on CNN.  Yeah, sometimes birds chose a site because of its location as a food source, and in this case, the Hawks were taking Pigeons, birds that were not very welcome in the City.  Pale Male is still around, but with yet another mate…’s a link that I found with a cute story….

DaLo….I don’t like games that have a time limit, either, which is why I like Bookworm.  I have it on my laptop and my desktop.  The game on my laptop is currently at a little more than 17 million, but I burned by books on the desktop yesterday at 13 million, started over and I[m at the 1 million level.  It can definitely eat up a lot of hours, and then nothing gets done… I try to limit my time for playing it….it’s very addictive!

 Those LYJs and LBJs are frustrating…..I often look at the day’s pictures on the computer and wonder,  “Was there a bird in the tree?”  They are so darn quick.  That was a problem I had with the Boreal Chickadee.  I focused on it, it would fly off just as I snapped the shutter…..all I got was a blur of feathers.   Grrrr!  I never did get a really decent picture of one of them.

Okay, I think I did mention birds….


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