SLB:  First of all, that’s a GREAT picture of the Anhinga and its sushi lunch!  🙂

Today’s birding was pretty tame.  I went to three places – WWP, NCBG and home (including a quick bonus check of the local retention pond) but everywhere was VERY quiet. I spoke to a couple of other birders who also said that they were encountering very few species today.  Not sure why?  However, I did get to reach a pretty cool milestone today, which was my 500th eBird checklist for Hernando County this year.  So, even if the spider bite turns out to be fatal, I can still say that I made the big 500!  Actually, I’m much improved today thanks SLB & Jo.

No pictures today, as nothing much came along (unless you want to see a jpeg of the number “500” flashing)!

The next big milestone will be hitting ‘1000’ checklists (ever, globally) as I’m at 919 – oh and 5 more species will take me to the magic ‘200’!  Who ever it was that said I’d get those last 8? I have 3 of them, so hopefully you’re right!  🙂


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