When I rank my birding experiences, Boyd Hill will not be toward the top of the list

DaLo, spider bite?  Sounds painful.  Get healed soon.  And stay away from spiders.

Yes, my guesses were exactly the same.  Northern Mockingbirds, R-t Hawk and a Catbird.  

My main goal, since I was using so many buses, was getting to Boyd Hill.  I am always concerned about walking a few minutes from one unknown stop to the next, concerned about which side of the street to stand on.  I always feel more comfortable when there are no connections between buses.  

During my trip to Boyd Hill I would have liked to have seen Lifers instead of all the birds I see or have seen around my neighborhood.  I kept thinking I did not know where the magic area was.  I found the Mockingbirds and Catbird in bushes where there were a lot of little bugs flying around.  I honesly could not see if there were other birds there, but there could have been.  I was shooting and looking into the sun, so my distance was more predicated on trying to shoot at an angle than on my lens this time.  

There are free tours the first Saturday of each month, but I never knew how to get there before.  I don’t know if the migrants will still be there.

I would like to do more birding around the town and beach, but may have to wait.  Too many less fun things call my initials.

Here is a photo from Boyd Hill.  I was standing on a boardwalk and the Anhinga was pretty far away.  I had the pleasure of explaining why the Anhinga did not simply go ahead and eat the fish he caught, how he had to flip around until the head went down first.  The ladies I was talking with were very impressed by how the Anhinga just swallowed that fish.  Ah, nature.  -SLB

Anhinga with lunch


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