Are my favorite birds really birds?

How could anyone really expect my children to believe me when we went to the zoo and I said my favorite birds, penguins, do not fly?  Aren’t I the same person who said the children shouldn’t get upset and/or cry when they saw roadkill because they were animals who died due to old age after having long, wonderful lives.  Once they discovered that might not be totally accurate, a mother who claimed penguins don’t fly was absolutely not to be believed.

Hey, DaLo, “opti- birder”, at least my story was about birds.

Have you guys heard the one about the  Vermillion Flycatcher, Priest and a Rabbi who went into a bar and …

Seriously, DaLo, nice squirrel photo.  I have never seen that kind.  Looks like it was made for camouflage. 

Jo, what birds come to your feeder when you are in Florida?  -SLB



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