Comments and some October highlights

DaLo, once again, congrats on the species tally.  I have every confidence you will achieve your goal.  The Sapsucker is very good.  Thanks for the Eagle.  It’s such a majestic bird, especially in flight.  Believe it or not, I have not seen one in Florida.  The journey of the Cranes is very interesting.  Where was their original location?

In October, I saw a few “returning” birds, got a couple Lifers, had a trip to a preserve that was supposed to be good for migrants and only found a Gray Catbird who was a probable migrant and a few year-rounders.  The “Neighborhood Birdwatcher” almost did OK, but is looking forward to the birds that are seasonal and will be in the lakes and bays.  The Pied-billed Grebe is one that is back now. 

Photos from October include the Osprey that is on the same pole every day and I photograph him frequently.  The Great Blue was relatively close and I just liked him.  The RWB has recently begun to hang around Bay View Park where I often walk the dog.  The RWB is usually hidden in or by the shubbery or in flight, so catching it when it was in one place for a short period seemed like a big deal even though he wasn’t very close.  My photos may not be the best, but I have heart and am quite fond of my subjects.  -SLB

2012_10_06 Osprey DSCF0119


2012_10_10 Great Blue Heron DSCF0138

2012_10_06 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF0121


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