Some Catch-up Comments

Ok, so I didn’t get a chance to hop back on that evening…  The week has gone by in a blur.  Everyone except my youngest began the week sick; nothing serious, just a nasty cold, but uncomfortable, nonetheless.

Still, I’ll take a cold over a spider bite any day, DaLo!  I hope that wasn’t serious; have you any idea what type it might have been?  I hope you all are feeling better.

I have some great news to share (which I wanted to share last week, when art was the hot off-topic discussion).  I began working as a Gallery Assistant at my local art museum yesterday.  So far, so good.  It’s only part time, but it’s a great place for me to be right now, especially as I get things in order to go the next step toward my research goals.  Ok, so that’s my off-topic card for the day. 🙂

Jo, your Fort DeSoto shots are fantastic!  I especially love the Orchard Orioles (a bird that’s high on my “must see” list).  The Fish Crow photo was really neat, too (as was the Starling/Cardinal which made me laugh).  When it was “baby bird season” at the wildlife hospital, we had several crows in.  I got the pleasure of playing “mom crow” (with a Slurpee straw full of a special food mix) every 15 minutes or so, quite often.  It was a really amazing experience!  I had one little crow that was so stubborn… if I didn’t give him just the right amount in just the right way, he’d spit it out and we’d have to start again. 😕

How are your jays?  I have not seen too many of mine around recently.  Of course, with the weather as it has been, and migration shaking things up, my backyard birding numbers are all over the place lately.

DaLo, thanks for the well wishes on the 13.1.  It went well!  It was my first attempt at such a distance, it was on the beach (although this particular beach made for a surprisingly smooth terrain), and I managed to place second in age group, as did my younger sister who ran it with me; a very exciting day indeed!

The Bald Eagle photo is amazing!  I am still trying to get a really good capture on one of them.  I have seen one twice in the last week near the Pineda Causeway I-95 exit.  I suspect it may be the same one, but there’s no way to be sure as Viera is right up the road and I know there are at least three in that area (assuming the juvenile is still around there).

Cool Fox Squirrel!  I have never seen one, but my husband saw an Oreo patterned one about a year ago in 3 Lakes, so I’m always on the lookout for them. 🙂

Some of the photos of the sparrows seem to match very well, actually!  I am going to hop back over to WBIT and comment there shortly on that, too.  I sure wish my sparrow had turned around for just one decent picture as it would help a lot to have a good belly shot.

I hope your travels are going safely and smoothly.

SLB, I suppose I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I give a third vote for DaLo’s and Jo’s IDs on your bird photos.  The Mockingbird is especially beautiful!  Sorry to hear that your trip to Boyd Hill was disappointing.  Your Anhinga photo is spectacular, though!  Sometimes, when I have a less-than-stellar birding trip, if I can get just one good photo, it makes for a nice consolation prize. 🙂

I really like the Osprey photo.  Yesterday, along the river, there were so many of them just hovering over the water in the high winds (from the tropical system).  There were just dozens!  I have never seen so many and, since I was driving, I couldn’t count them, but I do know that I was seeing several at a time, almost as if they were “lined up” in the wind for miles!  I am wondering now if this tropical system is going to bring in a lot of residents at the wildlife hospital next week.  I hope not, but with this still being migration season, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

By the way, Penguins are very cool birds, in my opinion (no pun intended, seriously). 😀


Ok, I have to run for now, but I have a mystery to post for you all concerning a flock of birds recently visiting the pine tree across my street… I got some photos, so when I get them uploaded, I will share.  Perhaps the ID on them is really much more simple than I am making it…


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