If This Works, Then We All Have Functional Titles Again!

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do!

SLB:  I’m posting a picture of a map.  It shows the answer to your question about the WC (Whooping Cranes) start point, and (winter home) shows where I just drove by on my mini road-trip!  St Mark’s NWR.

Jenn:  The (presumed) spider bite REALLY hurt, then itched, then was fine.  I never saw or felt anything during the attack, so it might have been a freak mozzie bite for all I know, except that I’ve had a zillion of them and this was the first painful one.  Also, I’m pretty sure that whatever this was physically climbed up my leg rather than just bit me randomly, so I can’t think of anything else that would hurt that much but not hospitalize me.  I’m 100% fine now though, so thanks.  I’m sorry your kids were/are sick, I hope they get better very soon.

The art job sounds fantastic!  Right on!  And congrats (and to your sister) for the 13.1 !

Yes, the travel went fine.  Obviously we’re back now (well I guess I could be using a Motel pc).  I managed one great bird find – more later.  When we got back (after a grueling drive) we found that both sets of keys were inside the house!  Oops, so we had to ‘break-in’ to get back in!  Oh well, stuff happens.  I can’t wait to see your mystery bird post on WBIT?  Oh, and I hope Sandy leaves you alone over there on the east coast!!

Jo:  Oh I LOVE the Evening Grosbeaks!  How awesome!  And the Bronzed Cowbird.  I’m a man (and as my wife is always telling) can’t tell colours apart!  I disagree, I can identify all three colours pefectly (well, except blue and green).  But to me, the chest of your Cowbird looks, well, very bronze?!  Anyway, I think the Cowbirds, Grackles and Kingfishers are all birds who look drab until the light hits them just right, then Blamo! their colours are amazing.

Good luck with increasing your 181 tally.  I added 1 species to my 2012 list today (more later).  I think the fall/winter in Florida is going to get both of us over the 200 threshold!  Fingers crossed.

Nope, I haven’t managed a Red-breasted Nuthatch yet (although I was specifically looking for them this afternoon).  I know where some are in Hernando, but I don’t usually ‘twitch’ (that’s to make a specific trip to see a rare or unseen species).  If I go past “School-bus Road”, I will stop and give it a go, but I don’t have a car, so I’m not using my wife’s gasoline just to add an extra number to my tally.  Speaking of which, what’s up with gas’ prices this week?  It was $3.55, then $3.51 then $3.49 where I am and $3.33 in Panama City!  Is this an election thing?  I would have thought with H. Sandy coming in, the price would go up?

The (Sparrow) pictures were (if the labels were true) all Bachman’s Sparrows (including the drawing).  It was done by a young girl called Kate (it read).  I’ve no idea who she is (I just ripped it from Google Images).  I thought was hilarious, but absolutely no-one else did, so it must have been just me.  Oh well, next time!



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