Some days a title is merely a title

First of all, Jenn, be safe.  No one knows what will really happen with the East Coast and the storm right now. How close are you to the coast?  The job is great news.  You’ll get a full-time one soon.  They say it is easier to get a job when you have one.  How did I miss your 13.1, Jenn?  I take it you were referring to a race?  Second is very good.  The Sanctuary work sounds so rewarding.

When I am going the bridges to Tampa, I notice oodles Osprey and Cormorants on the poles.

Jo, we don’t get those beautiful Grosbeaks here.  They only come to Gainesville, not where any of us are, unless Sibley is wrong.  I don’t understand this, because we do have evenings.  The Cowbird is beautiful as is your photo.  That red eye on a “shiny” blackbird is really cool.  I like the comment about you and Terry.  Yes, it is true.

I know nothing about all these Sparrows, and wouldn’t remember these ID’s should I be fortunate enough to find one or more.  The photos are beautiful.

DaLo, the reports of Red-breasted Nuthatches in Pinellas are totally incredible this year.  If Whichy Whichy Preserve has water (with ducks and grebes and the and the wintering migrants), I can’t see any way you will fall short of the goal.  Even without water, I am noticing (reading) how many birds winter here, some phoebes, flycatchers, vireos, and warblers.  I didn’t check other ones.  I have actually sat down and done some reading in my Florida’s Birds book rather than just using it to find ID’s.  -SLB


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